Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Water + Cold = Ice

                                               overhanging ice.....lots of work. Location Fallbach

Summer should already be here but at the moment we have lots of rain and my projects are not in the best shape. So I am forced to do a restday….. drinking lots of coffee and do some blog posting while listen music.
Just had my icetools in the hand………playing with them in the flat, what I can´t recommend because there will be traces everywhere, on the desk on the door frame, …..  your girlfriend will find it ;)…….

The ice season in Vorarlberg was really short (only 10 days long) and strange because we had no rain in the hole fall. So some icefalls didn´t built up well or even existed. Others were growing well because normally they have too much water. I was at the right time on the right place and realised the first repetition of the “Haselwurzfall”. It´s first ascent was made by the Mathis - brothers (Rochus , Gottfried) 22 years ago! This is what I really like on ice climbing, it´s so depending on conditions. I seized the cold temperatures did some nice ice action, mixed-climbs and solos.


                                                    "Ebnitermöse", Location Ebnit/Vorarlberg

                                   Is this a save belay? searching for the way through Fallbach. Location Dornbirn

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