Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Filming projects

 climbing high on Mainstream for the filming. pic Radek Capek

After an intense ice climbing season and the trips to Utah and North Wales I had two filming project one with Bernd Zangerl and some Highballs. The other project is about the red point ascent off my multipitch route “Sangre de Toro” at the Rote Wand. Both movies will be coming soon in television. 

                                                on the cruxpitch 10+ of Sangre de Toro

                                at the belay before starting into the cruxpitch

After finishing the productions I headed to Chamonix with Jojo for some granite climbing.  As we got there the weather and conditions were just perfect but my mind was not, I felt lazy. Maybe I did too much climbing, it´s the first time in my climbing life where I felt it s okay to sit in the sun while there was a perfect high pressure in the Alps.  So after some days on the Cham-granite we ended up in Ceüse for some group sport climbing.

At the moment I am equipping new routes in my home area, amazing steep limestone….. but secret ; ).

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